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​Private coaching sessions allow me to  have a clear understanding of your health history, current lifestyle, and your very unique individual needs. I will meet you exactly where you are and guide you every step of the way towards achieving your goals. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, my private coaching will provide you with the resources and support that you need to achieve the results you are looking for. The foundation to living a full and abundant life is GOOD HEALTH! Let me help you get there! 

Does Medical Insurance Cover my Services? 
The short answer is YES!

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However, this varies from company to company. Employers select the  option to include services from Holistic Nutritionist Practitioners.  Organizations who recognize Holistic Nutritionist Practitioners and allow you to submit claims to a group plan are as follows:

*Blue Cross *Claim Assure. *Desjardins  Manulife.

*​SunLife Group  *Greenshield Insurance 

Many insurance companies are now offering health care spending accounts.  This can cover all or a portion of medical expenses that may not specifically specified.   Check with your provider. If you find you are not covered you CAN advocate to your employer to add Holistic Nutrition Services  to your plan. 

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