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About Me

Hey, I am Helen Paquetette

  I am a mother of two beautiful children, a sweet little fur baby and wife of my high school sweetheart.  When my children were very young, they both experienced a diverse set of ill symptoms from eczema & chronic ear infections to impulsive behaviour & a later diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.  In desperation to bring some relief to my children's symptoms, I began spending countless hours in my own research on alternative therapy, ancient medicine and homeopathy. From there I began to implement holistic practices and nutritional therapy with almost immediate results.    


As a health coach and holistic practitioner, my mission is to you understand the relationship between food and the symptoms we experience.  I want to teach you quick, easy, clean eating solutions that will give you the energy you need so that you don't feel depleted at the end of the day. I  want to show you how eating for your own very unique body CAN help you loose weight & reduce your sugar cravings without the feelings of deprivation ALL while considering those picky little eaters you may have in your home.  You'll be surprised at just how much can change with your wellbeing by simply changing your way of eating and your lifestyle!!


 I am here to help YOU and YOUR family feel good, promote wellness,  find balance and improve mental health.


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A holistic  Approach to Wellness  &Medical Coverage

A holistic approach considers the whole person, how the body systems work with one another, life experiences past and present, and of course lifestyle. It is the careful considerations of the determinants of health (psychological, emotional, physical, social and spiritual elements)  and an in depth assessment history, looking at symptoms and areas of concern. 

I concentrate on how the body reacts biochemically to food.  We look at how and what is best for the unique needs of the individual rather than a one size fits all approach.  This is why I focus on cleansing the system, eliminating possible food irritants and sensitivities, and helping my clients  find their individual path to wellness through mindfulness & nutrition.


Employers select the option to include services from Holistic Nutritionist Practitioners. Companies who recognize Holistic Nutritionist Practitioners and allow you to submit claims to a group plan are as follows:

  • Blue Cross

  • Claim Assure

  • Desjardins

  • Manulife

  • ​Sunlife Group

  • Greenshield Insurance 


Many insurance companies are now offering health care spending accounts. This can cover all or a portion of medical expenses that may not specifically specified. Check with your provider. If you find you are not covered you CAN advocate to your employer to add Holistic Nutrition Services to your plan. 

Is Your Practitioner a Professional

When you see these seals it means the practitioner is a registered professional.  Licensed Health Coach's and  Holistic Nutrition Practitioner's are governed by a professional organization that is there for YOU as the client. It indicates that the practitioner you choose to work with has attended an accredited school that meets very strict curriculum requirements and training with well over 2000 hours in Holistic Nutrition and Health.

Every year we are committed to continuing education and updating our knowledge on the newest research and updated information in order to maintain our registry status.

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