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Eating Healthy Salad

Unlock your vitality with my specifically crafted program, designed to empower women & boost energy! Let me guide you through five transformative phases that will leave you feeling vibrant and absolutely amazing!


So often us moms/women tend to give our all to everyone except ourselves, we put everyone's needs ahead of our own. We are like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going... until, finally our batteries run out and we're tired, exhausted and feeling burnt out. 

Mother and Daughter

Welcome to the complete 6 week full body reset  


Using the best bio-hacking technology and your very unique data, I'll guide you in resetting your body, customizing your eating habits and tailoring your lifestyle to match you bio-individuality. 


Imagine renewing your energy, cherishing time with your spouse, and enjoying moments with the kids without exhaustion. Picture a life free from pain & belly bloat, improved mood and superior energy. Experience restful sleep, glowing skin, natural weight loss, and even a potential boost in libido-- yes, a delightful bonus! ;) 


This program is crated for empowerment, delivering vibrancy and heightened wellbeing. Gain 24/7 acces to your health information in real time. With holistic practices, bio-hacking tech, and transformative lifestyle changes, prepare for life changing results! 



I completely understand the juggling act of being a woman, a mom, and navigating a full-time career amidst the demands of modern life. It can be exhausting, taking a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Been there, done that! But, here's the good news – there IS hope! You have the power to regain control and feel amazing! In just 6 weeks, not only will you gain confidence, but your energy will soar, allowing you more quality time in your relationships and doing things you love.


While our bodies have a natural detoxification system, overload or reaching its limit can lead to symptoms and, ultimately, chronic disease. Together, we'll focus on releasing what no longer serves you, eliminate common food allergens, relax your body, and replenish it with strengthening elements. Discover what uniquely works for you, as we are all bio-individual.


Through my 5-step system, we'll reset your body and restore homeostasis. I'll guide you in shifting your mindset, tweaking your diet, and making lifestyle changes, all complemented by innovative biohacking technology – like having portable healthcare at your fingertips! Let's work closely together to ensure you feel your absolute best, like you haven't in a long time.

Imagine Experiencing

Increased energy, Improved mood, Decrease in anxiety symptoms, Better sleep, Glowing skin, Immune boost, Lose weight without the effort, Little-to-no Cravings , Diminished aches and pains, Increased focus and concentration, Vanished brain fog, Improved gut health

My Level Up Program will take you through a total body awareness journey you have never experienced before!!


Empower yourself to nourish your body with foods that fuel and support your unique anatomy for optimal health and wellness. Rediscover love for your body, enjoy playful moments with the kids and have energy to romance with your hubby at the end of the day--all while becoming the best version of yourself.  


  • My signature 5 step system 

  • 1-on-1 coaching calls 

  • Unlimited text/facebook support during business hours

  • Workbooks *Meal Plans *Recipes 

  • Bio-hacking tool (CGM)

  • Guided, step by step, support via zoom


With this program,  YOU WILL experience a whole new level of vitality in just 6-Weeks!!



Invest in Your Well-Being with Wellness Financing- 
Tailored Options for Your Health Journey

Navigating financial concerns? I've partnered with Medicard to provide equal opportunities for health and wellness. Prioritize your health with paired programs offering discounts and convenient payments. It's more than services; it's about ensuring everyone can invest in their well-being. Click the Logo Below for Flexible Financing Options

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What has been most helpful is your knowledge with blood sugar and what I should eat to keep them at a steady level without spikes and lows. Helen, you are a God send.. always seem to be available day or night to help me answer questions I have . Thank you!!  You're support always helps with my health and wellness.  My goal was mainly to get my stomach to stop hurting and to have better gut health. When I do follow your advice, I do notice a huge difference with my gut health and with my tiredness. My biggest win was learning which foods will make my sugars go up, and how having a balanced meal can help me keep them steady. Thanks for all your help


Stacy's journey overcoming chronic pain and fatigue

You're always a positive voice in my mind.  You’ve set a structure for me that is now part of my daily living. My mindset definitely is a big change! I now hold myself accountable for my choices without punishing myself– tomorrow is a new day. Having access to Helen has helped in so many ways. She is a wealth of knowledge, understanding and truly loves what she does.  What I have learned is trickling down to my family members and has helped me to improve the wellbeing of my Type 1 Diabetic child.Helen makes it so easy to keep in contact, she always answers multiple questions whenever I ask. Thank you. You're always a positive voice in my mind when buying food, cooking or being around temptations. You’ve set a structure for me that is now part of my daily living, and I no longer nap in the day.  One of my major wins is not punishing myself when I socall “fail”, pick  the “wrong choice“ or eat junk food. It’s just a hiccup and tomorrow is a new day. My Motivation level is now  through the roof, because  I feel good! Working with Helen has been Amazing, she is  a wealth of knowledge, and if she didn’t know the answer she would be sure to find it for me.

  • Lindsay

Working with Helen has been amazing, it’s like having a close friend cheer you on and support you the whole way through. She has helped me to determine what foods are triggers for me,  eliminate major stomach pain and not be crazy bloated all the time.  I feel happier, my mental health has improved greatly and I have been able to take the tools and apply it to my everyday life as well as help guide others.  When I started working with Helen it was to feel better over all, have more energy and love myself again. It’s always a work in progress and I’m always learning, but I now feel I have guidelines and the right tools to succeed. I eat out very little and choose foods now that help me rather than hinder me. I am never hungry or feel deprived,  I always stay full and happy.

Helen knew of random things I’ve never heard of before, but when she explained them it all made perfect sense. Thank you!  

  • Stacy

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