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Level Up Lady

This 8-week program is designed to help YOU re-establish your energy, feel amazing, and reset your body so you can keep up with the kids, do all things mommy-hood and still have energy at the end of the day for hubs and other important relationships! Enjoy it ALL, and become the best version of yourself long term.

Let's get you started with replacing bad habits with good ones & reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that make you look and feel better for good!



My 8-Week, 5-Step System

will completely reset your body!  Using the best bio-hacking technology and with your very unique data, I'll help you reset your body, tailor your way of eating and your lifestyle, to your very own bio-individuality. 


What if I told you that YOU COULD re-new your energy, enjoy your time with your spouse, hang our with the kids without feeling exhausted,  enjoy life without pain and belly bloat and improve your mood? What if your sleep could be much more restful, your skin would glow, you experienced natural weight loss, AND... perhaps a boost your libido?  Ha, ha!  Bonus Right?!! 

This program is specially designed to empower you and allow you to become more vibrant and much healthier. You'll have access to your own health information 24 hours, 7 days a week, in REAL TIME!!  Using holistic practices, bio-hacking technology, real food and life style changes,  you'll experience life changing results!!

you can take back the control

I understand all to well the businessess of parenthood, the commitment to your career & working full time, and keeping up with modern day demands. It can be super tiresome and take a tole on you physical, mental and emotional health. I get it!! I was there too!!  BUT, there is hope!!


You CAN take back the control and feel amazing!!


At the end of 8 weeks, you  are not only going to experience become more confident, but your energy is going to improve to allow you spend more time in your relationships and do the things you enjoy!.  


Through my 5 step system we are going to reset your body and bring you back to homeostasis. I do this by teaching you how to shift your mindset, tweak your diet, make changes in your lifestyle and, by using innovative biohacking technology. This technology /is like having portable health care at your fingertips! We will work closely together to get you feeling your absolute, very best, that you have felt in a very long time!!  

Imagine Experiencing--

Increased energy

Improved mood

Decrease in anxiety symptoms

Better sleep

Glowing skin

Immune boost

Lose weight without the effort

Little-to-no Cravings 

Diminished aches and pains

Increased focus and concentration

Vanished brain fog

Improved gut health

OH--and hey may even find an increase in libido! Say What? Umm yes ma’am! BONUS!!!

My Level Up Program will take you through a total body awareness journey you have never experienced before!!


You are going to have the ability to fuel your body with those foods that you thrive on and those that support your specific anatomy for optimal health & wellness.  Love your body again, have fun with the kids, and have the energy for romancing with hubby at the end of the day, ALL  while becoming the best version of YOU! 


-My signature 5 step system that will  reset your body and bring you back to homeostasis

-One on one coaching calls 

-Unlimited email/voxer/facebook support during business hours


-Meal Plans


-Bio-hacking tool (CGM)

-Guided, step by step, support via zoom


 With this program,  YOU WILL experience a whole new level of vitality in just 8-Weeks!! Here is what my clients are saying....