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Crafting A Mason Jar Salad

There are a lot of pros that a mason jar salad has to offer to healthy dieters or eaters. First, it is time friendly as you can make an entire week's salad within an hour and store them in the refrigerator for up till 5 days without any trouble. Second, it allows you to make good and healthy eating choices without the big hassle that usually drives people away from the concept of eating healthy. Thus, if you are a little lazy but are also conscious about your fitness, then mason jar salad is nothing less than a savior for you.

Crafting your mason jar salad is not a tough task at all. Yes, it might seem hard to layer the jar properly in the beginning but once you have gotten it right; you can experiment with creating your very own salad with a bunch of your favorite veggies and protein sources.

Here are some quick ideas of how to craft your mason jar and make a salad that is worth a thousand words. It will kick in your taste buds and taste nothing but heavenly.

Mangos are always a tasty treat! If they are still reasonably priced during off season, mixing mango with quinoa, black beans and avocado is absolutely delicious!! Mango paired with these veggies and other items. bring a very tropical taste and feeling to the mason jar salad!

Wait! Mango doesn’t sound pleasing to you? No worries, crafting it up with your ideas is not tough at all. Pick those fruits and veggies that are appealing to you!! Try crafting with tomatoes and basil. Caprese mason jar salads are very delicious and satisfying. Add in mozzarella cheese, and you wont ask for anything else! This combo will make your taste buds feel heavenly and keep your tummy full. You can pour in any dressing that you would like to go with it; there is no hard and fast rule about how to mix things in the mason jar.

Although you do need to take care of the dressing and soft and hard veggies, otherwise the jar will not even last 2 days. Layer everything according to the basic rules, but also ensure to experiment with the different tastes.

Adding olives to your mason jar salads is a great idea too. If you love olives, you would certainly agree that Greek mason jar salads are incomplete without them. Choose an olive oil and vinegar dressing to go with it; nothing tastes better! It's an absolutely delicious combo!!!

The concept of crafting your mason jar salad is to experiment with the tastes that you want or like. Yes, you need to stick to the rules of layering a mason jar, but you can always pick the veggies of your own choice and make a dressing that your taste buds adore. Go a little wild with what you like, and that will make healthy eating a lot easier and much more fun.

The major issue with people getting bored of healthy eating is that they focus too much on whatever data they are provided with and they don't experiment with creating their own recipes. Mason jar salads, are a great way to craft your very own recipe and make something scrumptious that you adore! Healthy eating has never been so simple!

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