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6 Health Benefits of The Elimination Diet

When working with clients, I often talk about food sensitivities and food elimination. BUT, as soon as I say these two words, “elimination” and “diet”, most people respond in saying “I can’t do that”, OR, “what will I eat”? My friends, I am here to tell you the “elimination diet” is not necessarily removing certain foods forever. It is removing them temporarily, for a period of time and giving the body a break from common allergens or those foods you suspect may be causing you grief.

With a food allergy, the immune system overreacts to a certain food protein causing an allergic reaction. Even if you have allergy testing done and you test negative, you may find that you are still having allergy symptoms. This could be in the form hives, rashes, itchy skin, or scalp, eczema, nasal congestion, IBS or other digestive issues for example. If this is the case, it could be that you are struggling with some type of food sensitivity.

Removing allergies and sensitivities is vital to overall health. When we struggle with ongoing symptoms and unidentified sensitivities, the body sends out inflammatory responses that can cause us harm in many different ways.

Let me share with you 6 Health Benefits of the Elimination Diet.

1. Improve Digestion & Aid in Leaky Gut Syndrome

2. Increases Energy

3. Aids in Learning Disabilities and ADHD

4. Helps Combat Migraines

5. Stimulates Weight Loss

6. Promotes Skin Health

The elimination diet is not scary by any means, there is still many delicious foods you can enjoy and feel fully satisfied. I promise!

If you struggle with any of the following and would like to try and elimination diet, I highly recommend you do so under the supervision of your physician, dietitian or nutritionist. Do not attempt to do so on your own. Shoot me a message, I’d be happy to chat! And remember, all of my discovery calls are FREE!!

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