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5 Healthy Additions to Your Morning Yogurt

When choosing the right yogurt, it can have many benefits. Notice I said the "right yogurt". What once was considered a healthy choice is now turning into a sugary junk food. If you compare the surgar content in many of the yogurts, a lot of times they they contain the same if not more sugar than chocolate bars and candy In forms of high fructose corn syrup and other types of refined sugar.

Ones being labelled as sugar free, may be free of sugar but chances are they are laced with chemically based sweeteners like aspartame and surcralose, both of which mess with the good bacteria in our gut and can wreck havoc on all of our systems. Most yogurt contain very little protein, contain artifical flavors, colors, dyes and are made up of modified ingredients.

When looking for yogurt, read your labels. Choose one with little sugar, NO artifical sweeteners, NO artificial or dyes, and 10 grams of protein or higher. My personal favourite is plain greek SKYR. I like this because of its thickness and because it contana the lactase enzyme which is needed to digest lactose. So for those who are lactose intolerant, this yogurt shouldn’t cause you any issues.

Ok, so let’s cut to the main reason you chose to read this anticle... 5 Healthy Additions to add to your yogurt!! Here they are...

1. Honey (or for those watching carbohydrat/sugar intake, powdered swerve is a great option)

2. Hemp seeds (my favourite), chia or any other

3. Fruit

4. Granola

5. Nuts

And.... one BONUS item....Vanilla bean (my preference) or vanilla extract. SO GOOD!! You can ultimately try any extract to flavour, your choice. Oh, and that’s not all, IF you’d like to get creative, and you enjoy bursts of flavour, ADD THEM ALL, sweeten first, then layer your toppings, you won’t regret it!!!


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