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Foods For Energy

Do you struggle with your lack of energy and fatigue? Do you find yourself feeling sluggish and lazy mid-afternoon, and you have to fight the urge to take the rest of the day off, struggling with adrenal fatigue? Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety and sadness? Fortunately, there are easy and affordable ways to instantly shrug off tiredness, improve your mood and and naturally raise your energy levels.

It sounds silly to say there are good mood and bad mood foods. It kind of reminds me of talking to my kiddos when they were little, but, honestly, age doesn’t matter. It’s very much a real thing!! There ARE a variety of foods that affect our mood, behaviour and even our attitudes.

Try adding some of the following foods to your daily diet for boosted energy levels and keeping your blood sugar balanced. Blood sugar balance plays a huge role in how we feel both physically and mentally. Ensure you always keep your plate balanced with every meal, this will not only help with blood sugar balance, but also with mood and energy balance!! You do not have to have insulin resistance, pre-diabetic, or diabetic to have blood sugar instability.

  • Incorporate foods that are high in magnesium. These include nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, avocados, legumes, whole grains, fatty fish bananas and leafy greens.

  • Opt in for complex carbohydrates rather than the simple carbs. These send blood sugar soring and cause those exhausting crashes throughout the day. Complex carbs are dissolved more slowly and are better for overall health. Try brown rice, leafy vegetables and oats for example.

  • Protein is essential for the body to stay healthy, so add lean meat like fish and chicken. Legumes and nuts are also great sources of protein.

  • Know the difference between good and bad fats. Unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids are the “good” fats that don’t raise your cholesterol level. These are found in fish, nuts, and olive oil and in many other seeds. Saturated fats are the bad fats found in processed food that can raise your cholesterol level and cause heart disease, so avoid them as much as possible

  • Limit your portions to avoid overeating and weight gain

  • Drink plenty of water and avoid fast food as much as possible.

Following these tips, you can maintain a nutritious, balanced diet that supports a healthy

mind and body and maximizes your energy levels in the midst of a busy routine.

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