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Let’s talk vitamins! What do you think; are they needed?

Well heck ya, absolutely they are!! They are essential for our growth, health, vitality, and are helpful in digestion and elimination of toxins Most cannot be manufactured in our bodies and therefore we must consume them from eating the plants and animals that make them. There are so many factors that influence our daily requirements. They can fluctuate based on stress, physical activity, dietary changes, lifestyle choices, and the natural aging process. A, B, C, D, E, F, K and P; every one of them has their very own special role to play in the human body.

But wait… there IS one we missed. One that may just might be the single, absolute, most important, nutrient for optimum health. Can anyone guess? I am pretty confident in saying no-one, and I mean no-one could survive without the intake of this vitamin in their life. This may be the ONLY vitamin that doesn’t necessarily require consumption of plants and animals.

HOWEVER, It is necessary for the functioning of people, their cells, tissues and organs. It is used to heal a whole host of diseases. Do you give up? ? Sorry, I’m going to keep you guessing…..let me throw out another hint. This nutrient can be found in domestic animals, most of nature- flowers and birds, friends, family, care givers and home cooked meals. It is highly concentrated in grandmothers and grandfathers and is readily available in most moms and dads. Any idea???? Have you guessed it yet!! Did you say Vitamin L? You are right!! It is otherwise known as “The Love Vitamin”.

As with all vitamins, there is a very large list of ailments associated with vitamin L deficiency. It is very important to heart function and the circulation of warmth and joy in our lives. Proper digestion is very dependent on vitamin L along with the function of the nervous system. Brain endorphins and other hormones are also enhanced by vitamin L. It is important in all human relations and interactions and is the universe's vitalizing energy. The usage list of this vitamin could go on for infinity. It has been proven to heal various psychological disturbances such as depression, fear, sadness, worry, pain and the stress of life.

There are no toxic effects and never could we overdose on this nutrient. Side effects however could result in a butterfly belly, goose bumps, warm and fuzzy feelings in the chest area, feelings of excitement, singing without cause or excessive smiling. Abrupt withdraw from the love vitamin could be extremely hazardous to one’s health, and people have a varying degree of sensitivities to its decrease. We all require different amount, and it will vary from person to person. Not only can we absorb this vitamin but we can also be a provider of it. Give it out generously, in all you do, every single day!!


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