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Quick & Easy Breakfasts For Amazing Energy

Being smart about breakfast can help improve mood, behaviour and performance, not to mention foster a healthy weight. By skipping breakfast or opting in for a breakfast high in refined carb and sugar, will send your body into overdrive pouring out high amounts of insulin, leaving you with a blood sugar cash and, set you up for those awful cravings all day!!

Get creative and go beyond the traditional North American breakfast. Scrap the plain ol' cereal and milk or toast and jam and swap it for one my 15 delicious ideas. Eat to nourish & set your intentions for the day!!

  1. Boost oatmeal by adding in dried cranberries (or other fruits), chopped walnuts, seeds and non dairy milk.

  2. Layer spinach, tomato and provolone cheese on whole-wheat bread.

  3. Whip up a breakfast smoothie with non-dairy milk, frozen berries, a banana and an avocado.

  4. Spread mashed black beans on a whole-grain tortilla, add cheese and tomato.

  5. Smear a whole-grain tortilla with peanut butter, add a banana (warm on top of stove).

  6. Add a slice of Swiss cheese to a whole-grain toasted bagel. Top with sliced avocado and tomato slices.

  7. Toast a whole-grain waffle; top with ricotta cheese and chopped peaches.

  8. Dunk raw veggies in hummus and sip hot chocolate made with cacao powder for added antioxidants.

  9. Try whole grain crackers with apple slices and almond butter.

  10. Skewer mozzarella cheese stick chunks with grapes and pineapple chunks. Add a handful of walnuts.

  11. Stir Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or non-dairy yogurt, plus nuts/seeds or nut butter into your oatmeal or cooked quinoa.

  12. Make a sandwich with scrambled egg, tomato and avocado.

  13. Cereal, non dairy milk, fresh fruit and pumpkin, hemp or chia seeds (or use a variety for added nutrients). Choose a cereal with 3-4 grams of fibre per serving and sugar less than 10 grams.

  14. Organic, gluten free waffles topped with fresh berries, banana and non-dairy whipping cream (coconut is delicious) and sprinkle with hemp seeds

  15. Breakfast sundaes made from plain greek yogurt flavoured with fresh lime juice and a dob of raw honey. Top with banana, strawberries, hemp and chia seeds.

Don't make it complicated, make it fun!! Tell me, what’s a typical breakfast for you?

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