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Plantar Wart be gone!

What exactly are plantar warts? These pesky growths usually appear on the bottom of your heels or feet. Through cuts, or tiny breaks in the skin and other weak points on your feet, the HPV virus enters the body and causes the warts to form. Although most of the time they are not overly worrisome, they can in fact be quite bothersome and somewhat painful

Anyone can develop plantar warts, but usually this type of wart is more likely to affect children and teens, those with weak immune systems and individuals who roam barefoot often. Since the virus loves warm, damp environments, anyone who swims should always wear something on their feet on pool decks and in locker rooms to help prevent these pests.

As a child, I was bothered often with them and tried almost every remedy under the sun including over the counter topical ointments, chalk and saliva (Ya...I know…. GROSS), and burning procedures in the doctor’s office, no luck.

Well, I am here to share with you about my secret little trick I use with my children. Are you ready for this??? It’s super simple, and very cost effective. Any ideas???

Ok, here goes…...Wait for it…....wait for it……….CASTOR OIL and BAKING SODA!! Say What??!! Yep!! I know, it sounds almost too good to be true right?!! That’s what I thought too!! We mixed the two into a paste, rubbed it on the wart every night so that it was completely coated, put a Band-Aid over it and went to bed, we really didn’t worry about the Band-Aid falling off the next day, if it stayed on it was bonus. After 3 weeks, it had completely cleared up to the point where there was no evidence of type of flaw on the foot. Depending on the sizes, shape and depth of the wart, the treatment time may be vary. Remember, consistency if key. Repeat, repeat, repeat!!

Good luck!! I hope you have as much success as we did with this neat little trick. The only thing you have to loose is about $4 and a wart, why not try it??

***Disclaimer***This is not intended to cure or replace medical treatment, this is simply for informational purposes only***

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